The Pleasant Hill History Center has obtained a "Beery Short-Turn Runabout."  The Beery Runabout is a buggy designed by Jesse Beery and was manufactured by The Jesse Beery Co. Pleasant Hill, Ohio.

Mr. Beery for many years sought a perfect breaking wagon. He desired attractiveness, extreme durability and comfort with the possibility of being upset reduced to the minimum. In the late 1800's or early 1900's, he manufactured the Beery Short-Turn Runabout. With it's beautiful design it was functional for the following reasons: 1) You cannot turn short enough to upset it; 2) It turns easily in a space so narrow that any other four wheeled vehicle would upset; 3) It is easy to get out to put on the breaking appliances, for as the front wheel turns forward the hind one on that side turns back leaving a much larger space than the ordinary buggy; 4) It is an attractive advertisement; 5) Miss a post, stone or anything else with the front wheel and the hind wheel will also miss it; 6) It is roomy and comfortable - quite different from most breaking carts.




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