Pleasant Hill Beautification Pride Winners!  

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Judy Bunck,  208 South Main Street are the November Village Winners for the 2018 Beautification Community Award. They received a certificate of appreciation, a gift card and a Beautification sign to place in their front yard.
Jim and Judy decided to paint their home this year, they wanted to bring it back to its appearance of when it was established in 1912. They found out they had a fine example of what architectural historians call a "Colonial Revival Home." This particular type of house became popular in the 1870's around the time of the national Centennial celebrations when Americans were looking for a truly native style of architecture. It was popularized through mass circulation magazines and remained in vogue until the 1920's. The style looked to the buildings of the colonial period for inspiration, but added all the modern touches of indoor plumbing and central heating. There have been numerous "revivals" of this style in the past hundred years. 
Typically the architecture of their house would have anywhere from 4 to 6 colors. They decided to go with 6 colors! They couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
Thank You and Congratulations Jim and Judy for displaying PRIDE in your home and the Pleasant Hill community! Great job!